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In order for Doctorate students to complete the total number of required credits (34 credits) they must take the 4 core courses listed below (totaling 27 credits).

Mandatory Courses

1- Bases I - 9 credits
2- Bases II (Bases II-Advanced Immunology or Bases II - Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism or Bases II- Molecular Biology) - 6 credits
3- Seminars - 2 credits
4- Thesis Experimental Work - 10 credits

Apart from these core courses, in order to complete the 34 credits required for the Thesis defense, the student must take at least two 2 courses called 'Elective Subjects from Group 4'.

Elective Courses from Group 4 (Doctorate) and Group 3 (Master's)

- 'Lab Rotation' - 4 credits (4 consecutive weeks)

Subject Objective: To provide students an experience period in some of the Department's laboratories before choosing an area of interest. It also facilitates the contact between new students and program advisors, especially those who have been recently hired.

Course Hours: 60 hours (4 credits)

Duration: 1 month

- Writing of Scientific Papers and Projects - 2 credits

Course Hours: 30 hours (2 credits)

Number of students: up to 20 students

Description: The dissemination of acquired knowledge is the scientist's duty. The course will take the form of some theoretical classes followed by practical and interactive classes on writing articles. In parallel, we will also discuss the concept and forms of writing a research project.

- Bioethics - 2 credits (subject coordinated by the NAPg/ICB)

- Biostatistics - 4 credits (subject from the Dept. of Statistics, see acceptance request, annex III)

- Training in Teaching Practice for Biochemistry or Immunology - 4 credits

Elective Courses from Group 3 (Doctorate) (these are suggestions and other courses can be included)

- Topics in Biochemistry I and II (2 or 4 credits)
- Topics in Immunology I and II (2 or 4 credits)
- Biochemical Methods I and II (2 or 4 credits)
- Immunological Methods I and II (2 or 4 credits)
- Studies of Genome, Transcriptome and Proteome (4 credits)
- Subjects from other Programs, for example:

           . Evolution (4 credits, Dept. of Genetics)
           . Immunohistochemistry (2 credits, Dept. of Morphology)
           . Membrane Biophysics (3 credits, Dept. of Physiology)
           . Macromolecular Complexes and Regulation of Cellular Signaling (3 credits, Dept. of Physiology)


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